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Aloha! My name is Kristin the Island Girl because I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Hawaii. But now, I call the Treasure Valley my home! I am a best friend, wife, and mama of two growing tweens who have to keep up with my knowledge of Tedashii and Lecrae music. #humblebrag

I am a foodie and know every trick in the book about Instapots and air fryers. My favorite artist of all time is Stevie Wonder. I love Jesus and will tell you why all day. I’m here for our Project Community and in my 20+ years in the radio industry, our PROJECT 88.7 crew is my most favorite!

Why Project 88.7?

Project 88.7 is not just a place I work at. It’s a place where my community lives. I feel connected and supported. I can be who I am (blemishes and all…) and know that my Project family is here for me, as much as I am here for them.

I learn more about God’s love and purpose in being here at Project 88.7. I love hearing from our listeners and how much Project is a part of their lives!

  • Fun Fact: I play the drums and love to beatbox. I once had a chance to beatbox with Justin Timberlake and I’ve never been more proud than in that moment when I got to spit all over a celebrity.
  • Last Show Binge Watched: Law and Order: SVU. ALL DAY ERRDAY. Benson and Stabler 4eva!!!
  • Best Advice Given: Just be REAL.
  • Favorite Project Artists: Andy Mineo is my favorite! His lyrics are on point and he doesn’t take himself ‘too’ seriously! I love that about anyone!

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