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I’ve been doing radio since I was four years old after I found out that I could record my voice and play it back later. Since then, I’ve continued to spout my nonsense in hopes that someone, somewhere will listen to it.

When I’m not on the air, I’m playing games, watching movies, and bugging my wife (I have a real gift).

Why Project 88.7?

Jesus changed and is changing my life. I love being a part of a station that lets me talk about all the goofy things in my life but also lets me chat about God. You add in all this great music and you’ve got a pretty fantastic place to be!

  • Fun Fact: I was the first person in my university’s history to be elected student body president twice.
  • Last Show Binge Watched: Severance
  • Best Advice Given: You can talk to God anywhere about anything.
  • Favorite Project Artists: KB. His lyrics are transparent, honest, and showcase an intelligence. Add the sick beats and you’ve really got something.

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