Be On-Air with Project

We’re looking for people who are ready to share their voice! Whether that be answering some questions from the DJ’s to use in their show, or reading a few lines for the Production Crew to add your voice to the on-air community, we want YOUR voice!

So, what does that look like? On this page will be regularly updated questions from DJ’s or phrases that we need read that we can use on air (Think “Hey, I’m ____ and I like/love  listening to Project because _____).

Here are some questions that Mysti in the Morning has for you to record:

  • WHATCHA DOIN’?! What are you doing right now as you’re listening to Project? Are you running errands, working, going to an appointment, etc? Let me know!
  • You were down, and now you’re UP! How did God take a bad situation in your life and turn it around?
  • Do you have a little laugher nearby? Would love for your kiddo to share their joke now! 
  • If you’re on the NextDoor app, what is the funniest post you have ever seen?
  • What is bringing you joy today?
  • Wanna shout out?! What is your name and where are you listening to Project from right now?
  • What is your favorite song on Project and why? 

Be sure to check back in for any questions or phrases that you can participate in!

THE FINE PRINT: By recording your responses here, you are giving us permission to air your voice on air. Please also note that we have the right to edit (to make you sound like the superstar you are) audio, and finally that we may not use all the audio that we receive, but that doesn’t mean we don’t think you’re absolutely amazing!

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